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Ep #5 The Great ABM Debate with Sangram Vajre and Doug Davidoff, Part 1

Oct 30, 2018 4:00:14 PM

Bluematter Market Leader Podcast The ABM Debate with Sangram Vajre and Doug Davidoff Part 1

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Episode Summary: If you’re not familiar with ABM, or Account Based Marketing, you’re going to learn about it in this episode from Sangram Vajre of Terminus, Account Based Marketing Software, and Doug Davidoff of Imagine Business Development as we explore why only 1% of leads drive revenue and how to dramatically increase that through ABM.

If you’re of the mind that most marketing is a waste, or you’re just tired of wasting money on things that don’t work, then tune in to Part 1 of 2 of this high impact discussion between two passionate individuals, who don’t always agree.



Ryan M McInerney
Written by Ryan M McInerney

Ryan McInerney, "The Agency Disruptor," is the Founder & CEO of Bluematter.

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