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Should Business Owners Be Involved In Their Own Marketing?

Apr 23, 2018 3:19:05 PM

According to Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer, business owners shouldn’t be excited about or personally invested in their company's marketing efforts.

But is he right?

Listen in for yourself-

He makes an excellent point; business leaders should be building teams of marketers and sales pros that focus on the “how” of digital marketing.

But should owners and operators be totally hands off? The short answer is, no.

Here’s why- the vision and direction of the company are in the hands of the business owner, no matter their size. While their primary focus should be on their core business, their secondary focus is always on growth and leading their team to get and retain customers.

Peter Drucker said it best- “The purpose of a business is to get and keep a customer.”

Peter Drucker Quote | Purpose of a Business | Bluematter

If that is the case, marketing is a core function of the business, one that business owners should be invested in.

Their owner’s role is not to manage or implement the marketing and sales efforts, but to participate in the following areas that no one else can:

  1. Defining the identity of the brand
  2. Determining the measurable vision for growth
  3. Selecting which customers and niches to pursue
  4. Approving budgets, and carefully reviewing for ROI
  5. Facilitating continued education of front-line reps
  6. Ensuring messaging aligns with the brand story
  7. Managing their own social accounts

And while the list could continue, this is explanatory enough.

The front line sales and marketing teams are extensions of the business owner, the ambassadors, if you will, of the owner’s company. If left unattended, or exclusively in the hands of middle management, the organization will inevitably go adrift.

Where Ryan and I agree wholeheartedly is that business owners should invest in the training of their teams, so that they can be successful extensions of themselves and careful implementers of the the CEO vision.

I’m confident that Ryan and I would agree that it’s all about moderation. An owner that does not invest or show interest in the growth of the team or company is as poor a leader as the one who micromanages their team. Surely both are stifling to growth.

Agree or disagree?

Ryan M McInerney
Written by Ryan M McInerney

Ryan McInerney, "The Agency Disruptor," is the Founder & CEO of Bluematter.

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